I don’t know how I'm going to say what I'm about to say.

You join a Group. The Group has its rules and requirements.

Now we have Technology Groups. The Technology Group has its rules.

As a Newbie. I am spending too much time on how to write the right…

That’s just it!

When you are going to the millionaire March. Starting from the bottom, changes has to be made.

And when you make those changes. You will need to know how to live by yourself. If you’re not a selfish person, lots of money won’t be your motivation.



In order to grow, you must learn how to train yourself to learn something to change about yourself each day and every day. Learn to personally know when you have taught yourself that will give you a way to a better life. I am going to call this…

Forgive me!! For I have not given my people information on how my road to an #OverNightMillionair!!

The Brain is strong but the Flesh is Weak! Sad but it is true. Your Flesh will Win the War 90 percent of the time. If your Brain is winning wars more than…

"We whooped Michael Jordan, I don’t care": Pistons bad boy Rick Mahorn trash talks the Bulls legend in response to question about 'The Last Dance' | The SportsRush


I guess i have been doing this for sometime, and that's do jobs that i like to do. Right now being a taxi cab driver has my love because i love to drive. I didn't realize how good of a living you could have being a taxi driver. It's not for everyone. I have been told that driving a cab was my calling from fare riders.

Claude Weary

To have what another may have, you may need to hang out with those persons and do what they do to be #Millionairs with #MillionaireMindSets

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